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National MS Society - Bike MS

Last week the Arthur Cycling Team participated in the Annual Bike MS fundraiser - a 100 mile ride from the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to Mesquite, Nevada. It was a chilly morning and headwinds were gusting up to 40 mph. Despite the headwind, a couple flat tires and cool weather we were able to finish strong.

This ride gave us the chance to do a lap around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway before taking Highway 93 to I-15 then to Highway 75 toward Valley of Fire State Park. Valley of Fire provided some beautiful scenery and long steep hills, but what goes up must come down. After Valley of Fire we took Highway 167 back to I-15, then some steep climbing and rolling hills to Mesquite.

This fully supported ride had plenty of rest stops and SAG vehicles which were a big help along I-15 and roads that didn't have bike lanes. This event included a double-century option, letting riders do the 100 mile return route back to Las Vegas on Sunday. We opted out of the second day, having better things to do on Sunday (yes there are some things more important than cycling, believe it or not).

At the staging area before the start

Riders, start your......nevermind

Bill our team captain

Keith, making a good pace on the way to Valley of Fire 


Taking on a big hill in Valley of Fire.

 Here we gained a ton of elevation and passed by some beautiful scenery. By this time it had warmed up considerably and the wind gave us a break for a few hours, we were almost ready to lose the long sleeves. The event organizers planned this part of the ride very well having the Park Rangers stop traffic for us on the big downhill parts, this meant we had long slopes with no traffic, it was awesome. We got into a tuck and let it fly reaching speeds of 45mph. When we reached the bottom of the hill we had descended nearly 2000ft over 15 miles in under 20 minutes.

We stopped for lunch in Logandale, by this time it definitely looked like the ranks were thinning. It was tough to tell what position we were in in the group but I would guess it was somewhere in the middle. Climbing out of the valley was tough after taking a break and sitting for a while, and the winds began to pick up again. As we got back onto I-15 we faced the steepest climb on the ride.

Back on I-15

Bill, finishing strong even with a flat tire.

The skies grew darker as we got closer to Mesquite and the headwind grew harder. A big difference from the 45mph downhill coming through Valley of Fire, on the last few climbs on I-15 we were hard pressed to keep 10mph. It was a challenging but rewarding ride and we are planning on doing it again next year. If you are interested in riding with us next time let us know, riding with a big group is a lot of fun and being fully supported with food and SAG makes for a great event.

After the finish line.
We would like to thank Unique Communication Solutions for sponsoring us on this ride. Their generous donation to the National MS Society provides life changing opportunities to those who suffer from MS.

Route Map and Elevation Chart

BBSC Endurance Sports - Pumpkinman Triathlon

October 23 was a beautiful day in Boulder City. Clear sky, cool weather, 1000 triathletes and a brutal hill to climb. The Pumpkinman Triathlon features three distances, Sprint, Olympic and Long. The swim started in Lake Mead and followed a simple out and back route. The bike route left the beach and Lake Mead National Park and began climbing the long grueling trail up to Boulder City gaining over 500m in elevation with grades reaching 8%. The run course went through the Boulder City neighborhood and back to Bicentennial Park. There was a ton of free food and sponsor promo gear at the park. My family gave me a pretty good cheering section throuout the race, it was a lot of fun. Despite being a bit more challenging than the last triathlon I did I was able to meet my timing goals and finish strong. Pumpkinman has become my new favorite event.

Event photos are posted on
I was bib number 702

Here are a few pictures, thanks mom and dad for the great shots:

After the swim, running to T1
In T1, putting on my stuff

Starting the bike

Finishing the bike, coming into T2

Getting out of T2 for the run
Near the finish line
Jonas with the Stroller Push event

My awesome family

Swim. Bike. Run.

Viva Bike Vegas 2010

Viva Bike Vegas turned out to be the largest cycling event in Nevada this year with close to 2000 participants. The event offered riders a 25, 50 or 115 mile fully supported ride. 115 mile riders had the opportunity to be the first people to cross the new Hover Dam bypass bridge that was recently completed.

The weather was perfect, no wind, sunny and not too hot, starting out at 6:30am even seemed a little chilly. The route started downtown at the RTC building, of course we were sent off by Elvis singing "Viva Las Vegas / Viva Bike Vegas" and Senator Ensign gave a short pro-cycling, campaign-boosting speech. The scenery was beautiful and made the eventual pain and soreness well worth it.

The Dam Bypass Bridge

Staging area 6:00am

Elvis with the send off

Crossing the Dam Bypass bridge


The Finish Line

Riders got a free lunch from Outback Steakhouse and a concert
Not bad for my first century ride.

CrossVegas 2010

CrossVegas 2010, the nations largest cyclocross race took place at Desert Breeze Soccer Complex last Wednesday and it was awesome. I was given the chance to be on the setup crew by Mike Olson from which gave me front row seats to all the action and the chance to create a few headaches for the racers, see the pictures below to see what I mean. Setting up the course took two days and a lot of work. The race featured cyclocross champions from all over the world like defending Champion Jamey Driscoll, French Champion Francis Mourey, Gerben de Knegt and Lars van der Harr of Dutch team Rabobank,  US Champion Tim Johnson and Czech National Champion Katerina Nash. Check out for details about the race.

These soccer fields are about to get a whole lot more busy.
What is Cyclocross? - Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing that typically takes place in the autumn and winter (the international or "World Cup" season is September–January), and consists of many laps of a short 1-3 mile course featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carry the bike while navigating the obstruction and remount. Races for elite categories are generally between 30 minutes and an hour long, with the distance varying depending on the ground conditions. The sport is strongest in the traditional road cycling countries such as Belgium, Netherlands and the Czech Republic.
The Cannonale Run Up before the banners.
TRP Run Up, setting this one up took nearly half the day.

Cyclocross bikes are similar to road bikes except for the tires, brakes and a few other customizations to accommodate for all the mounting, lifting and dismounting.

Many cyclocross courses feature extremely muddy terrain, stairs, steep hills barriers and other obstacles to give racers a tough time. Combine all that with a narrow 10ft wide course and cram over 100 racers into it and you can see what makes cyclocross stand apart from all other types of bike racing.


A poor quality video from my cell but you can see these guys flying around the corner, dismounting, running up stairs and re-mounting all without slowing down. And of course the annoying horns blowing in your face.

The finish line at dusk, finalizing the setup before the race.

Women Elite Devision at the starting line
Men Elite Division at the starting line 

Men's Elite Division, Mourey and Driscoll attacking the finish line.
Pedal, pedal, pedal, dismount, run, hop, run, hop run run run, mount repeat.
From the top of the Focus Run Up, not just stairs but stairs made of sand.
Women's Elite division, a very crowded field.
Francis Mourey (center #3) standing strong in the pack would eventually brake away to narrowly steal the win from Jamey Driscoll who led most of the race.

Sadly this was the last year for CrossVegas as the Interbike expo moves to Anaheim, CA next year. Don't worry I'm sure VegasBikeRacing will find a way to create our own version soon.