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Can't Beat the Heat

This morning a rare brief rain shower, along with intermittent cloud cover, postponed the inevitable temperature climb to 107 degrees for a couple hours giving me enough motivation to get on my bike. Training for Fall events in Nevada is not easy. Low altitude and extreme heat can make any aspiring athlete feel lethargic and lazy. Since I have been traveling so frequently the past few months I try to find time to run on the hotel treadmills whenever I can but nothing can make up for the workout a real body crushing climb up a steep hill at high altitude provides. My only question is, at this rate will I be ready? I would like to submit an official request to the USAT and USAC that in Nevada the training season be moved to winter and all events be held in the early spring. Check out this webinar (click HERE or on the link below) to find tips on beating the heat:


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Working in the software business for me has been a great opportunity to travel. Yes, you read that correctly, being a software engineer doesn't always mean you're a desk jockey. Though I do tend to spend most days reducing my posture to a that of a cooked macaroni, I am often traveling to meet with clients, partners and attend industry conferences.

Recently after a long spell of posture deterioration I had the chance to visit a customer near exotic Tullahoma Tennessee. Never heard of it? Well it's about an hour south of Nashville. You might not expect much from such a small town but everywhere I go I try to make a point of exploring the local area by looking up the best Strava segments and going for a run. And this time I wasn't disappointed.

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