CrossVegas 2011

CrossVegas 2011 - The weather made for an exciting race this year, but when is cyclocross ever not exciting. Thanks to the unusually rainy weekend and stormy afternoon, the grass at Desert Breeze park was thoroughly soaked as the first category 'Wheelers and Dealers" race began. Since I 
Katerina Nash
was still manning the registration and rider check-in tent I wasn't able to see it but it sounded exciting, the field was stacked with over 150 riders so I'm sure the start was interesting. Just before the pro women's race started registration closed (yes the Pro riders like to wait till the last minute to check in, who knows why), so I headed to the finish line to assist the results team, front row to all the action. The women's race was amazing as usual but everyone knew from the start that it was team Luna's Katerina Nash that would take it. After the women's race the course was thoroughly 'slopified' for the men's pro race. The race was exciting with lots of tactical position changes and no clear front runner right up until the end. I was right at the finish line when the three front runners, Rabobank's Lars Van der Har, Cannondale's Christian Huele and Telenet-Fidea's Rob Peters, crossed and I couldn't even tell who had won. All the photographers started scrambling around trying to see who had the winning shot. From my perspective Peters was in front in the last 10 meters but he took a chance to look over his right shoulder at Huele giving Van der Har, on his left, the chance to sneak by barely taking the victory.
Huele, Peters and Van der Har

Check out for complete coverage and more awesome pictures and videos. Especially watch Rob Peters reaction after the finish here.

Vikingman 2011
The Vikingman in Burley, Idaho was a beautiful change from the heat of Las Vegas this summer. Swimming in the Snake River was surprisingly warmer than expected, it was a sunny day with light breezes. The event was well coordinated and supported even though there were so many different races going on at the same time, aquabike, half-marathon, half-tri, olympic tri and duathlon. The courses were flat and fast which was also a nice change from the rolling hills and climbs around Lake Mead where most of the races in Las Vegas are held. If the drive wasn't so long I would definitely plan on making the Vikingman an annual event, but we will see about next year.

Climbing out of the river, what a relief!

Jelly legs, need to run, don't feel like running.

Ok I guess I will run, on to T1.

Another thing I liked about this race was that there was only one transition area and it was on grass. The people were also very friendly, I heard lots of "good job", "have a nice ride" and "doing awesome" from the other racers. The bike course left T1 and turned right out to some flat country roads, a head wind picked up slightly causing a little discomfort heading East but made turning West so much more enjoyable. Two laps completed the Olympic distance 29 mike bike.

Dismounting the bike and running to T2.

Racking the bike, feeling good. It is always fun to hear Jonas shouting "go daddy".

Swapping bike shoes for running shoes, someday I might figure out how to transition faster here but
it feels so good to sit for a few seconds.

Stopping for a second to realize I have to run 6.2 miles.

Guess I better start running.
The run left T2 and went over the bridge, around the airport, over the railroad tracks along a dirt road through a cow pasture (thanks cows for everything you left behind) and back. It was good to see the finish line, and my family waiting for me.

Staring at the finish line

Home stretch

Yes there was food at the end, another good reason to come all the way back.

Me, Kiera and Brian - our first Olympic distance.