Pumpkinman 2011

 Pumpkinman 2011- The race this year was probably twice as crowded as last year since Pumpkinman was hosting the Southwest Regional Triathlon Championships. There were lots of people from CU, CSU, BYU, Air Force Academy, U of A and other colleges. Keith and Katherine did awesome in their first triathlon! I felt pretty good but finished 5 minutes slower than last year, though I did place a lot better, I guess that's what happens when there is a lot more traffic. Again, perfect weather. Thank you Zazoosh for putting your watermark all over our pictures...
Katherine at the finish line

Keith at the finish line

Beautiful morning
Explaining the new swim course, this year it was a rectangle instead of out and back.

Transition 1, probably the longest and most narrow transition ever since it runs up an old boat ramp.
The long climb up from Lake Mead to Boulder City

 A few more lessons learned from this year: not knowing what time it was, after waiting in a long line for the bathroom, by the time I got down to the water I only has 30 seconds before my wave started (just like last year). I think next time I'm going to wear a watch. Also since T1 was so long I decided to run barefoot to the end and mount my bike with my shoes already clipped in. That was a mistake to try on a hill, it would have been better to put my shoes on first. Still a fun race, looking forward to next year.


Tony said...

What were the distances for the different legs of the race? Maybe that is a dumb question because they are always the same, but I'm a noob here...

Arthur Cycling said...

There are typically 4 distances that you can choose from: Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Full Ironman. Sometimes the distances vary a little from one event to another. You can look them up here: http://totaltriathlon.com/triathlon-distances