For me , cycling is therapy. Pushing myself until I can't think about anything but spinning my legs, pounding up a hill or staying in a tuck. It is a great way to focus the mind and forget about stressful things. It was always a good feeling to be absolutely drained and sore from a workout. Since my bike is on the rack and I can't lift anything over 20 pounds for a while I have been searching for other things to do that take my mind off stressful things. At first I would spend hours in the recliner watching Netflix. I think I made it though all the movies worth watching, my motivation to be productive was about -100%, watching movies wasn't working. I couldn't get motivated to read anything. Eventually I started feeling what I was really lacking a opened up to watch one of the General Conference messages from last month. Check it out.

After watching the video again, I watched a few more. That feeling of focus started coming back. Exercise is great, but isn't the only way to get the relief we need every day. A renewed effort to read the scriptures is more than compensating for what I can't get out of exercise right now. Eventually my body will be well enough to return to a routine that includes some exercise. I hope that when it is I don't forget how important it is to strengthen our spirits even more than our bodies.

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Now behold, your father is grateful for your diligence in this matter.