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Cross Vegas 2013 Review

Sven Nys
Katerina Nash
Was there any doubt?
As the sun went down, the level of racing notched up in Las Vegas Wednesday night. Another Cross Vegas, the unofficial kickoff to the cyclocross season in the US, is in the books, and this one has the distinction of being the first ever Cross Vegas to feature a current World Champion, Sven Nys. While mountain bikers dominated Elite races, the men’s and women’s races played out in completely different ways, though both ended with a solo breakaway, eliminating the nail-biting sprint finishes that have characterized Vegas racing in years past.

With three laps to go, Nash decided that it was time to attack, and immediately created a gap on the field. “It was a really tactical race, I didn’t want to go too early and have eight people catch me. I’m not sure what happened behind me. I saw a tiny gap and decided it was the right time to keep the pace high.”


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