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They say that sweat is just your fat crying as it leaves your body. Well sometimes the tears from all the fat in my face gets in my eyes...and burns like... something that really really burns. Try wiping it away with your hand and get more sweat or dirt in your eyes, try using your sleeve, oh wait I just blew my nose in my sleeve, which is the sweat sleeve and which is the snot sleeve? I can never remember. So I got a headband, problem solved. It only takes a second to put on in transition and saves me from all the pain and potential blindness during the run. You might be thinking, "wow he must sweat a lot, I never have that problem." Well if you don't sweat you are either very dehydrated which is an even bigger problem or you aren't working hard enough. I bought a white HEADSWEATS ($15.00) headband from REI. It was great, kept the sweat away, after a lot of uses the elasticity still remained, except the edges were getting a little loose. I noticed the headband would get saturated and stay wet, it didn't dry out as fast. That could be a good thing though, if you are running in the desert which I typically am. Splashing water on it at a feed station helps keep me cool for a while. Not the most stylish though. It's kind of a throwback to workout headbands from the 80's but not as thick. After a while I went back to REI and got a HALO (12.95). It's a bit more stylish, fits more snug, and feels better under a bike helmet. It does a great job keeping the sweat away. The HALO is made of a denser material and has a thin rubber strip across the front to make sure nothing gets past it. I notice that it will dry out faster too, which is good in more humid areas. Ultimately during a triathlon I will use the HALO since it can put it on in T1 and forget about it the rest of the race. If I'm just doing a run though I prefer the HEADSWEATS headband.

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