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RUSH Triathlon

The RUSH triathlon is complete, what a great event at a beautiful venue.
To see official times check out
More pictures can be found at
bib number 260

Setting up transition 1 on a cool sunny morning and getting the shakes out before heading to the start.

The RUSH Triathlon is an annual event held in Rexburg, Idaho and offers both sprint and intermediate distances.

Maybe an unlikely place for a triathlon but the RUSH draws some pretty competitive athletes from all over the northwest.
Lining up at the start, trying to adjust to the cold water.

 When we started I decided to hang back for a few seconds to avoid getting kicked in the face or run over by some of the stronger swimmers, but with that many people aiming for the same target it is impossible to avoid some contact.

 At the end of the swim reaching back to find the draw string on the zipper and crawling out of the water can be hard to do with dead tired arms.
                     Once your wetsuit is down to your waist, the best thing to do is get on your back and let the strippers pull it off your legs. Then on to T1.

The bike took us up some hills gaining about 500ft then through some country roads. Nice scenery, if I wasn't trying to get somewhere I might have stopped for a bit to take it all in.

Trying to give it all I can as I got closer to transition 2.

The run took us through some neighborhoods up a steep dirt trail and back to Madison High School.
                      When we reached the high school it was once around the track and we were done, and we felt awesome!
Our first triathlon. Thanks Kiera and Brian for getting me into it. Definitely going to do this again next year.


Katherine said…
AMAZING! Great job on your first triathalon!!

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