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Christmas Eve Hill

The Christmas Eve Hill ride is so tough that...

 - you get coal even if you are nice
 - even when you ride down it you are going up hill
 - throwing up is not optional
 - when someone does make it to the top, a pig will fly over head and there is a snowball fight in Hell
 - you can measure your speed with negative numbers
 - if your chain didn't snap then it will soon, when you are in the midde of a busy intersection (the Hill's revenge)
 - it takes a year to forget how hard it was and think about trying again
 - Chuck Norris can't make it to the top

Happy Holidays

Alas the season of events has come to a close but we have a lot to look forward to, my favorite time of the year. Actually I think any time of the year is my favorite but, Christmas is awesome. Time for family, fun, food, pies, cookies, egg nog, candy, gravy and all the good stuff that goes with it. The weather is getting colder so it is a little harder to get motivated to exercise outside. I can already feel my body slowing down. How do we stay motivated during his time of year? Probably the hardest time of year to get in shape. Did I mention all the pie? I hope this Christmas we can remember who we have to thank for everything good in our lives, our families, friends, faith, and the opportunity to overcome our mistakes. What gift can we give to others to brighten their lives?

Lake Mead Triathlon

It was a cold start, cold for Las Vegas anyway, the water gave me the chills until the swim started, then all I could think about was getting out. Not sure why but I really struggled with the swim this time, might be because the course was setup differently than any other. The buoys were set so far apart that it was nearly impossible to see where to swim to with foggy goggles.

Several large boats passed near the course, their wake sent us rolling off course several times.

After the swim, I noticed that the clouds had started clearing up a little, time for a nice bike ride, easy compared to the PumpkinMan last month.

Though the swim was pretty hard, I finished with my best run time yet. Not too bad for the inaugural year of this race. It was well organized and supported, except for the swim. Definitely going for it again next year, the finishing medals were pretty awesome too.

The end.

Pumpkinman 2011

Pumpkinman 2011- The race this year was probably twice as crowded as last year since Pumpkinman was hosting the Southwest Regional Triathlon Championships. There were lots of people from CU, CSU, BYU, Air Force Academy, U of A and other colleges. Keith and Katherine did awesome in their first triathlon! I felt pretty good but finished 5 minutes slower than last year, though I did place a lot better, I guess that's what happens when there is a lot more traffic. Again, perfect weather. Thank you Zazoosh for putting your watermark all over our pictures...

 A few more lessons learned from this year: not knowing what time it was, after waiting in a long line for the bathroom, by the time I got down to the water I only has 30 seconds before my wave started (just like last year). I think next time I'm going to wear a watch. Also since T1 was so long I decided to run barefoot to the end and mount my bike with my shoes already clipped in. That was a mistake to try on a hill, it would …

Mt Charleston Hill Climb

This was my first year doing the Mt Charleston Hill Climb, actually it was also my first time to the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort which is where the climb finished. The weather was perfect, temperatures were down in the low 50's for the start of the climb at 3312 ft, sunny and very little wind. The race started at the bottom of Lee Canyon road and the 95 and climbed up 17.5 miles to 8669 ft. That meant over 5000 ft of climbing. As we gained elevation it was awesome to slowly see the landscape change from desert to evergreen forests and even snow at the top, in fact the ski resort had one of the lifts and runs open. The climb was challenging and I struggled to keep 8 and 9 miles an hour through the race, at steeper slopes I think I even got down to 5 mph. The temperature at the top was in the low 40's and it felt good. The climb was fun but even better was to see my family waiting at the finish. After the race at the top there was an overpriced BBQ so we got to hang out …

CrossVegas 2011

CrossVegas 2011 - The weather made for an exciting race this year, but when is cyclocross ever not exciting. Thanks to the unusually rainy weekend and stormy afternoon, the grass at Desert Breeze park was thoroughly soaked as the first category 'Wheelers and Dealers" race began. Since I 
was still manning the registration and rider check-in tent I wasn't able to see it but it sounded exciting, the field was stacked with over 150 riders so I'm sure the start was interesting. Just before the pro women's race started registration closed (yes the Pro riders like to wait till the last minute to check in, who knows why), so I headed to the finish line to assist the results team, front row to all the action. The women's race was amazing as usual but everyone knew from the start that it was team Luna's Katerina Nash that would take it. After the women's race the course was thoroughly 'slopified' for the men's pro race. The race was exciting with …

Vikingman 2011

The Vikingman in Burley, Idaho was a beautiful change from the heat of Las Vegas this summer. Swimming in the Snake River was surprisingly warmer than expected, it was a sunny day with light breezes. The event was well coordinated and supported even though there were so many different races going on at the same time, aquabike, half-marathon, half-tri, olympic tri and duathlon. The courses were flat and fast which was also a nice change from the rolling hills and climbs around Lake Mead where most of the races in Las Vegas are held. If the drive wasn't so long I would definitely plan on making the Vikingman an annual event, but we will see about next year.

Another thing I liked about this race was that there was only one transition area and it was on grass. The people were also very friendly, I heard lots of "good job", "have a nice ride" and "doing awesome" from the other racers. The bike course left T1 and turned right out to some flat country roads…

River Mountain Trail

Decided to go for a ride on Saturday morning, here are some mobile uploads. The day started out beautifully and stayed relatively cool (under 90). The seasonal wind didn't even start until about 10am.