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Tour de Fire 2011

Tour de Fire 2011 turned out to be an extremely challenging day to be on a bike for a lot of riders. The ride started out beautifully, calm winds and relatively cool weather. Flying down hills and storming up them like a champ. It was so nice in fact that I didn't feel like stopping to refill water until I reached the 66 mile half way point. That proved to be a huge mistake.
Training tip #1 - Refuel consistently through the ride to avoid crashing near the end.

Which is exactly what happened. As soon as I turned around at Mouse's Tank in the Valley of Fire at about 10:00am the wind hit me hard in the chest slowing my downhill to a measly 10 mph, and forcing me to pedal to keep that up. That morning I probably averaged 17 to 20 mph and now was fighting to maintain 5 to 10 mph. The second half of the ride was looking grim.

Training tip #2 - If you have a group to ride with, stay with them, you can at least take turns pacing in strong wind.

Starting the climb back to the next rest…