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Plzen World Cup


Ah Thanksgiving, the oldest American holiday, truly we have much to be thankful for: carbon fiber, aero wheels, ceramic bearings, wool jerseys, integrated etc.Sometimes I wonder what the thankful list  of one of the original holiday celebrators would consist of. I guess it was about mid 17th century so life was probably number one on everyone's list, followed closely by some kind of shelter and food. I seem to be accumulating more and more things to add to my list recently. 

My family definitely makes #1, my wife, children, parents and brother and sister, all the love and support I could ever need. Friends, like family but we don't argue as much. Faith, for answering all the questions I could ever have and for reminding me that family really is number one. Seems like anything else is just gravy, or DRY Teflon chain lubricant whichever you prefer but here are a few more anyway: my job and the people I work with for, their support, opportunities and investment, ed…


For me , cycling is therapy. Pushing myself until I can't think about anything but spinning my legs, pounding up a hill or staying in a tuck. It is a great way to focus the mind and forget about stressful things. It was always a good feeling to be absolutely drained and sore from a workout. Since my bike is on the rack and I can't lift anything over 20 pounds for a while I have been searching for other things to do that take my mind off stressful things. At first I would spend hours in the recliner watching Netflix. I think I made it though all the movies worth watching, my motivation to be productive was about -100%, watching movies wasn't working. I couldn't get motivated to read anything. Eventually I started feeling what I was really lacking a opened up to watch one of the General Conference messages from last month. Check it out.
After watching the video again, I watched a few more. That feeling of focus started co…

Missing PumpkinMan Triathlon 2012

I remember thinking to myself many times, as I often do as a race gets closer, "stay healthy, all the training and preparation is for nothing if you get sick the day before a race." I gained a little perspective this weekend, and continue to as I try to type this with one hand, the other holding a pillow against all the staples in my belly. What is the point indeed, I eat pretty healthy, I have never smoked or drank alcohol. No drugs and I exercise frequently. Then something small like a little indigestion after eating a big dinner turns out to be an extremely painful trip to the doctor, then to an oncologist, then to the ER, then to the operating room where something is removed from by abdomen a few days later. Coagulated blood, a tumor, cancer. We are still not sure. We might find out tomorrow. Now my triathlon consists of sitting up in bed, trying to walk a few feet down the hall, and pushing the magic morphine button. Days later if this turns out to be benign I hope I am…

Mt Charleston Hill Climb 2012

It        was        TOUGH. Just a 17.5 mile ride, with a 5,375 foot elevation gain. There really isn't much else to say about it except how it was different from last year. This year it was an official USAC sanctioned race which stiffened the competition and I think drove away some of the less competitive riders, I think there were just as many DNF's though. It was still a very rewarding ride. I think my performance was lacking since I have been skipping so many spin classes and spending more time studying and working than on my bike in the last few months. I was totally motivated after the ride especially with PumpkinMan coming up next Saturday. The climb took me over 2 hours to finish, and the ride back down, about 20 minutes.

Interbike and CrossVegas 2012

Interbike and CrossVegas bring the entire world of cycling to one place. Nowhere else will you see so many pro's other than at the Tour. I saw some amazing stuff this year, I don't just mean the 2,000 - 6,000 dollar category, I'm talking 10,000 to 20,000 dollar bikes and components! Carbon fiber bottle cages, sun glasses, number mounts. I thought Garneau had the best booth though, Chrissie Wellington and Louis Garneau were both there signing their books, awesome people and they were free to chat for a while too.
I had the opportunity to work the race registration and results again this year which is always fun. It gives me a prime spot to watch at the finish line and some swag and who doesn't like swag!?!

UCI Men's Elite race, Jeremy Powers leading after lap 1
Race finish - Jeremy Powers, Tim Johnson and Ben Berden

Kokopelli Triathlon

Another beautiful day in St. George. I couldn't have asked for better weather, the water was a warm 77 degrees, nearly too warm for my wetsuit. I noticed many others had decided to leave theirs at home. I felt better in this swim than ever and managed to maintain are fairly consistent pace and line. Though less attended than the SG tri earlier this year it was still a good group of people to race with. The first transition felt slow. Maybe sometime I will try spraying some PAM on my skin so my wetsuit comes off easier, sounds weird but people say it works.

It was a great race, a nice break from the hot summer. It also motivated me to step up training for PumpkinMan next month.

Goodsprings Ride With BLV

Woke up at 5 to meet up with the Biking Las Vegas crew at the M resort this morning. We then rode to Goodsprings and back, first long ride of the summer with temps under 100 degrees. In total we did about 70 miles.

Event Registrations

Signing up for a couple events today! Who is with me?

Mt Charleston Hill Climb

Viva Bike Vegas (122 mi Gran Fondo)

My Cloud

A word cloud generated from the blog. Apparently I like to mention shoes.

SG Triathlon

Went to St. George for the SG Triathlon last month. First time on the course, it was great, had a nice climb on the bike and the lake was much more clean than Lake Mead. It was also nice to get out of the heat. Kokopelli Triathlon is coming in September, it runs the same course so it will be a good opportunity to improve my time.

Olympic Swim Start

RAGE Triathlon review

It was hot. Reaching 102 degrees, a pretty solid season opener reminding us all how painful it is when we take a break during the winter, but it was a great experience and through it I was able to learn some key areas to focus on improving (all of them).

 Swimming in Lake Mead isn't always the best experience but the water was cold enough to counter the heat that early in the morning. The lack of wind kept the waves to a minimum so after getting away from the crowd it wasn't so bad. As I was swimming back to shore the water was actually clear enough to see down to the bottom of the lake, about 15 feet deep - I think I prefer not being able to see the bottom in Lake Mead.

Wetsuit off, bike stuff on. Racing in Lake Mead always means the longest and most narrow transition zone ever. By this time all the sprinters had gone so it wasn't too crowded. Still can't resist the urge to sit down to pull my stuff off and put my shoes on. Standing might save me a couple seconds but …

RAGE Triathlon

I am either pregnant, or I just finished a grueling triathlon. Post triathlon cravings: Chinese food, 2 pickles, grapefruit, can of chili, root-beer float, cookie, you decide. Pictures and review coming next week.

Happy New Year

Time to celebrate another revolution of the Earth around the Sun. Another reason to think about self improvement and spend time with family. My advice - don't make any new goals just because it is a new year. I have never thought much of new year's resolutions, make resolutions because you want something or need change. Here are some things to think about while setting goals:

> One of the greatest realizations we can make in our life is that each of us has the ability to control our attitude and therefore control the external facets of our life. Once this is realized and pursued, the opportunities to get what we want will increase.

> Anger is a choice, happiness is a choice.

> Consider your situation by imagining that you are the Moon, looking down on all the things going on on Earth and everything you are going through. Perspective can help solve any problem.

> Learn to set a plan, but don't over plan. Do this by writing down your goals but if you start schedu…