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RAGE Triathlon review

It was hot. Reaching 102 degrees, a pretty solid season opener reminding us all how painful it is when we take a break during the winter, but it was a great experience and through it I was able to learn some key areas to focus on improving (all of them).

 Swimming in Lake Mead isn't always the best experience but the water was cold enough to counter the heat that early in the morning. The lack of wind kept the waves to a minimum so after getting away from the crowd it wasn't so bad. As I was swimming back to shore the water was actually clear enough to see down to the bottom of the lake, about 15 feet deep - I think I prefer not being able to see the bottom in Lake Mead.

Wetsuit off, bike stuff on. Racing in Lake Mead always means the longest and most narrow transition zone ever. By this time all the sprinters had gone so it wasn't too crowded. Still can't resist the urge to sit down to pull my stuff off and put my shoes on. Standing might save me a couple seconds but until I'm finishing in the top 10 I probably won't care. Since the transition is uphill I opt to put my bike shoes on before running to mount. Some still think they can do a running mount then slip into the shoes but most often those people end up crashing or can't slip into their shoes until the top of the hill, which isn't that close.

Still relieved that I don't have to swim any more, I find the energy to stand up and climb out the ramp. The bike if full of hills so I haven't been sold on using aero bars yet and I seem to get by ok.

Trying to enjoy going down hill, though I know I am going to have to climb back up it soon.

Coming back down the hill to the transition zone is a fast descent, some didn't stop soon enough to dismount and I heard one even crashed into the arch. I was also going a bit too fast to get both feet out of my shoes before stopping. Fortunately I had the right foot out to stop on so I could reach down and unbuckle the left. Someday I might invest in tri bike shoes that dont have the ratchet buckles.
A brief stretch before starting the run, yes still rocking the sweatband. Laugh all you want, at least I can still see at the end of the race.
About half a mile of the run was done on the rocky dirt road, sometimes dirt is a nice change but this time with all the rocks and holes, wan't so fun.

Finish Line!!! And starting to feel that sunburn, maybe someday I'll remember how painful it was and decide to put on sunscreen before the race. That was the Rage 2012, great season opener. 

Coming up next SG Triathlon in St George, UT May 19th.


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