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Ah Thanksgiving, the oldest American holiday, truly we have much to be thankful for: carbon fiber, aero wheels, ceramic bearings, wool jerseys, integrated etc.Sometimes I wonder what the thankful list  of one of the original holiday celebrators would consist of. I guess it was about mid 17th century so life was probably number one on everyone's list, followed closely by some kind of shelter and food. I seem to be accumulating more and more things to add to my list recently. 

My family definitely makes #1, my wife, children, parents and brother and sister, all the love and support I could ever need. Friends, like family but we don't argue as much. Faith, for answering all the questions I could ever have and for reminding me that family really is number one. Seems like anything else is just gravy, or DRY Teflon chain lubricant whichever you prefer but here are a few more anyway: my job and the people I work with for, their support, opportunities and investment, ed…


For me , cycling is therapy. Pushing myself until I can't think about anything but spinning my legs, pounding up a hill or staying in a tuck. It is a great way to focus the mind and forget about stressful things. It was always a good feeling to be absolutely drained and sore from a workout. Since my bike is on the rack and I can't lift anything over 20 pounds for a while I have been searching for other things to do that take my mind off stressful things. At first I would spend hours in the recliner watching Netflix. I think I made it though all the movies worth watching, my motivation to be productive was about -100%, watching movies wasn't working. I couldn't get motivated to read anything. Eventually I started feeling what I was really lacking a opened up to watch one of the General Conference messages from last month. Check it out.
After watching the video again, I watched a few more. That feeling of focus started co…