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The Meaning of Teamwork

I work with a team of people, as I'm sure most people do, but when it comes to sports I'm usually competing alone, or so it might seem during the event. Of course no athlete is ever competing alone, even if it's a triathlon, sport climb or swim. Behind the scenes are always groups of trainers, family and friends that establish a foundation of stability that allows the athlete to focus on meeting their objectives.

Who is on your team? As a software engineer, I might think that much of my time is spent alone jamming out code as quickly and efficiently as possible - just so I can meet an objective. Sometimes this attitude might even create some tunnel vision that will have me straining to avoid help or interaction with others, thinking that focusing so intently on our objective will help us reach it sooner. My experience at work, as a athlete and in my personal life has shown that whenever we get into that tunnel, our progress toward the real objective is actually significant…